Registration 2019 Season

Registration for the 2019 season opens April 15, 2019


USA Fit Albany begins training on May 18th 2019


Registration opens April 15th 2019

Online Registration Is Now Open.

Registration is now open.  Training starts on May 5th.

Online Registration opens this week!

Online registration will open this week.  Training starts on May 5th!

Season Starts May 5th!!

Wishing on warm weather and RUNNING!!

On-line Registration is Now Open

On-line registration for season 7 is open.  This year join us for one of the two programs.  Training will begin May 5, 2018 at 7:00 am, back parking lot of the Rudy A. Ciccotti Recreation Center.

We have two exciting offerings this season.

  • Traditional Full or Half Marathon Training
  • 20 Week traditional program
  • meeting once a week for long runs (Saturday am)
  • week day runs or social events
  • All levels welcome including first timers!


Welcome Back Sponsor Sports and Spinal Wellness Center for the 2017 Season

We would like to  welcome back Sports and Spinal Wellness Center again this year as a sponsor.  Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling and her team of health providers offer a wide range of services to help you reach your sports goals and remain injury free.  Whether you are seeking care for the relief of back pain, treatment of sports related injuries, or to develop a relationship with a health care provider to help you maintain life long health and wellness, they are there to serve you!


Registration is now open!

First run is May 20th.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

On-line Registration Opens April 10th

On-line registrations for season 7 opens April 10th. This year join us for one of two programs. Training will begin May 20, 2017 at 7 am, back parking lot of the Rudy A. Ciccotti Recreation Center.

We have two exciting offerings this season.

  • Traditional Full and Half Marathon Training
    •  20 week traditional program
    • Meeting once a week (Saturday am)
    • All levels welcome including first timers!

Welcome Back Sponsor Sports and Spinal Wellness Center

Sport_&_spinal_Wellness_center1We would like to welcome back Sports and Spinal Wellness Center again this year as a sponsor.  Dr. Kim Leis-Keeling and her team of health providers offer a wide range of services to help you reach your sports goals and remain injury free. Whether you are seeking care for the relief of back pain, treatment of sports related injuries, or to develop a relationship with a health care provider to help you maintain life-long health and wellness, they are there to serve you!

In addition to a wide range of services from treatment of sports related injuries to nutritional services and massage, they also offer services specific to distance athletes such as a comprehensive running evaluation and The NormaTec MVP Recovery System. This makes them a perfect pairing with USA FIT Albany.

Join us in the capital district to train this season for a full or half marathon  with USA FIT Albany and you will also receive a discount to Sports and Spinal Wellness Center’s comprehensive running evaluation.  They will also provide a running related seminar post run in June.

Welcome back!



Training begins May 20th!

The season begins on May 20. Check out our video below for the fun.  This year we have a number of fun things in store including a group run from Sports and Spinal Wellness Center with post run refreshments, stretching stations and more.    Come join us this season by clicking the Register Now button or showing up at our orientations on May 20 and May 27.

We can help you train for the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon or Half, Palio Half Marathon, Wineglass marathon or half, New York City marathon or other fall marathon and half marathons! All levels and abilities welcome.

Season Starts May 30, 2015

The six season of USA Fit Albany will begin on May 21, 2016. Registration will be opening April 18! Check out this year’s line up of coaches. Our 20 week program fits perfectly with fall marathon and half marathon training. We are ideally designed for races like the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half, Wineglass marathon and Half, Palio half marathon and other marathon and half marathons in late September and early October. We will have a fun season!

Strength Training Challenge

Strength training is a core component of your program. Running is not enough. Experts say it is important to incorporate a strength training program and stretching to help stay injury free. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that adults should strength train each muscle group 2-3 times each week. You can check out their full set recommendations in their article ACSM Issues New Recommendations on Quantity and Quality of Exercise.

We are encouraging our runners in the 2014 season to incorporate strength training in our squat, lunge, plunge challenge. Try to do one minute of each of the exercises listed below two to three times a week. Take a fun photo, send us your stats and a winner will be announced at our August 16 group run. Prize for the most creative and improved.

Squat Lunge Plunge Challenge

  • One minute squats (any way you like them)
  • One minute planks (any variety)
  • One minute lunges (any variety)
  • One minute push ups (any variety)

Strength Training Articles

  1. Strengthening your core: Right and wrong ways to do lunges, squats and planks
  2. 9 Ab Workouts for Every Athlete
  3. 4 Strength Training Exercises for Time Strapped Runners
  4. 4 Exercises to Strengthen Ankles
  5. 18 Moves to Tone Your Butt, Thighs and Legs

When do I incorporate strength training?

Many ask us if you should strength train before or after a run.  Guidance states to train for your sport first. If you are a runner, that means, run first and then strength train afterwards or on your off days.

Even the time strapped athlete can work in strength training. Do a few wall push ups on your break at work. Walk lunges around your house in the morning while preparing for the work day. Plank for a minute while watching your favorite show.  Chair squat at your desk at work. It just takes a few minutes a few times a week to stay injury free.


Season starts May 3

Season begins May 3 at 7 am at the back parking lot of the Rudy A Ciccotti Recreation Center at 30 Aviation Road Colonie, NY 12205. There is still time to sign up. You may sign up on-line using the Register button on our main page or in person (cash or check) at the orientation. Registration closes on May 17.

Sign ups/packets distributed
Coach introduction
Safety seminar
Prize drawing
Group run

Mohawk Hudson River Marathon Entries Still Available

USA FIT Albany has a few bib for the sold out Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half Marathon available that we secured through our training program.  The bibs are limited and the cost of the bib is in addition to our training program.  You can read more about our training program on this website or contact us at for more information.

You must be a 2014 USA FIT Albany training participant. The cost of training for a 24 week season of USA FIT Albany is $100 for returning participants and $150 for new participants. In addition, the cost of a bib is $65 for the half marathon and $85 for the full marathon. The number of bibs are limited, please contact us to determine availability.


Train for New York City Marathon with USA FIT Albany

Were you one of the lucky ones this year that made it into the New York City marathon?  USA FIT Albany will be offering a training program this year for the New York City marathon.  If you live in the Capital Region, NY and would like to train with us, sign up! Coach Jennie will be running NYC this year! Read more about our program on this website and check out our FAQs.

Registration for the 2014 Training Season is Now Open

The registration for season 2014 is now open. Train for a fall full our half marathon with our 24 week training program.  Please note that the cost of registration does not include your race registration. It is the responsibility of the participant to sign up for their own race. Our training is best suited for fall marathon/half marathons that occur during late September – early November.  Please read through our FAQs closely.

While the cost of a race bib is not included, we have secured a few bibs for the sold out 2014 Mohawk Hudson River Half marathon.  The number of bibs is extremely limited and only available to individuals who sign up to train with us in our 2014 season.

We look forward to another great season!

Jennie Heidbreder

Organizer USA FIT Albany

The 2014 Season is Opening Soon!

We will be opening the 2014 season around mid-March.  Our incredible coach team is being finalized and we have tons of fun and training in store for you this season! Look for registration opening around mid-March.  Our training will kick off the first week in May. Our training is ideal for the following events:

  • Mohawk Hudson River Marathon/Half
  • Palio Half Marathon
  • Wineglass half marathon
  • NYC Marathon
  • United Healthcare Newport Marathon and Half
  • Adirondack Half marathon

In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter for the most up-to-date information. We look forward to running with you soon!

Jennie Heidbreder

Organizer, USA Fit Albany

Change in Location August 3

Please check the newsletter for a change in location and time for our August 3 group run. We will see you in the morning 🙂

Season Begin Saturday May 4

Kickoff Saturday May 4, 2013 at 7 am

The time is here for another season of USA FIT Albany. For those of you who have not signed up yet, this is our last reminder email. We will begin to roll all of our emails to registered participants only.

I just want to say WOW! The number of new and returning runners is awesome! This is going to be a great season. We will be taking registrations until May 18 but you do not want to miss the first two weeks.

General Information
May 4, 2013
7:00 am
Back parking lot of the Rudy A Ciccotti Recreation Center at 30 Aviation Rd, Colonie, NY 12110.
Drawing for $15 certificate from RoadId. Bring a friend for an extra chance to win. (If you have a friend that you encouraged to sign up who is new to USA FIT Albany this year and already registered that counts too.)
Sign ups will be taken in person (check or cash only) or for credit card registrations visit and click on Register.

I was here last season, should I come to this event?
Yes! We have new information, a few new coaches, our fun timetrial run and a drawing for a $15 RoadId gift certificate and an information packet with a few great discounts.  Bring a friend who is new to USA FIT Albany to be eligible for a second drawing.

I do not know which event I want to run yet.
That is ok. Come to the kick off and you can talk to our coaches and other runners to help you find the event that is right for you.
Many of your new running friends are running the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon/Half. Read below on how to obtain a spot in this event.

Do you still have bibs available for the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon or Half?
Yes! We have a very limited number of bibs still available.  These are only available to USA FIT Albany participants and are at the regular price. Note that these bibs are not included in your training fee price. In anticipation of a quick sellout we reserved a small number of bibs so we have a very limited quantity.  If you have indicated that you wanted a bib and have not received instructions yet, please contact Jennie at immediately.

If you have already signed up for USA FIT Albany….
Please take a few moments to read the sections below and print off the maps.  Also, get an early start meeting your fellow runners through our social media sites.

Sign up for Social Media
Facebook at
Twitter at
Pinterest at
Meetup at

This week’s schedule

  • In-person registrations – cash or check only.
  • Meet and Greet – Meet your coaches and fellow runners.
  • Safety and Information seminar – Learn more about the program, runner safety and the coaches.
  • RoadID Gift card drawing for registered participants (bring a friend for an extra chance to win).
  • Time trial run for registered participants.

This Saturday’s run is a timetrial. No sprinting allowed 🙂  It is just an opportunity for us as coaches to determine your general pace and the right training plan for you. You run this at a conversational pace, chat with your new found friends, enjoy the scenery and at the end we will give you a shiney colored shoe tag that tells you the plan to follow. It is that easy.

Take some time to become familiar with the maps of The Crossings area. Each week we change it up a bit based on mileage and to keep it fresh. A full schedule will be provided to you at this Saturday’s kickoff event.

Full Marathon Group

Half Marathon Group

We will see you on Saturday!!

USA FIT Albany Welcomes Chiropractic Partner

USA FIT Albany is please to announce our partnership with the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center in Guilderland, NY. Operated by Dr. Kim Keeling, the Sports & Spinal Wellness Center offers chiropractic services, massage and running analysis.  USA FIT Albany 2013 participants will receive $50 off (the regular $149 cost) of a runner’s analysis. This comprehensive running analysis includes a digital analysis, shoe evaluation, foot mechanics and strength and injury prevention program. Look for this valuable coupon at our kickoff on May 4, 2013.

The Sports & Spinal Wellness Center is located at 2021 Western Ave Suite 102 Albany, NY 12203

USA FIT Albany is a marathon and half marathon training program in the capital region of New York.  We train for all levels of runners from first time runners to advanced.  The 2013 season begins on May 4, 2013 at 7 am at the back parking lot of the Rudy A. Ciccotti Recreation Center.




Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for season 3 of USA FIT Albany training. Come train with us for a fall full or half marathon. We offer training for several fall events including the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half, The Wineglass Marathon and Half, the Amica Marathon and Half and others.

Hurry to take advantage of a $10 discount before the rates go up on March 23, 2013.

Early registration rates are $85 for returning members (any season) and $115 for new members. On March 23, 2013 rates go up to $95 for returning members and $125 for new members.  Membership does not include race entry. You are responsible for booking your race entry.

In anticipation of a quick sell out and to help our participants who missed registration, this year USA FIT Albany secured a limited number of entries to the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon and Half. If you need an entry to the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon or Half Marathon, please do the following:

  • **Register for USA FIT Albany through our website. (read disclaimer below).
  • After you register, email me (Jennie) at
  • I will place you on a list for a bib and provide details on securing the entry.

**Disclaimer: We only have a limited number of entries. You must be part of our training program to receive an entry. Registering with USA FIT Albany will not guarantee you a bib. The cost of the race entry is not included in our training price. You will need to pay the entry fee in addition to the USA FIT Albany training price.

Note, we will not take names on the list for the full marathon until it sells out. Please register on-line with the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon while it is still open.

We hope you will join us for an amazing season!

Jennie Heidbreder

Organizer USA FIT Albany


Mohawk Hudson River Marathon Registration is Open

If you are planning to run the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon or Half, do not forget to sign up on The half marathon race sold out in just a few short weeks last year.

Reminder! USA FIT Albany is not the training plan on the registration site. You will need to register separately on our website.  Our program fee does not include your race registration so it is important that you sign up on your own.  You can read more about the races we train for, costs, coaches and meeting location on our FAQ site.

Looking forward to a great third season!

Hope You Can Join Us

Welcome to USA FIT Albany. We’d love to have you join us in our inaugural season. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates on our program, and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.