Our Coaches

Ed Bonapartain

Assistant Coach -

I caught the running bug four years ago when a close friend of mine told me she was running the Mohawk-Hudson Full Marathon. Being a non-runner at the time, I thought she needed her head examined but still agreed to her request to stand by the halfway point of the race so she could swap out water bottles. Five months later when she ran the race I did meet her out on the course; however it was to run the last 14 miles of the race with her. Crossing the finish line with her was a life changing moment for me as I had reached a personal goal I never would have thought possible.

As a member of USA Fit this past year, I was often reminded of that moment. Experiencing the encouragement and support of my fellow runners and the coaches while completing my own first full marathon has as shown me that we runners are a tribal lot. The bonds of friendship formed over the   miles are never easily forgotten.

This year, I look forward to being an assistant coach for the half marathon group. I recently read an article where the word friendship was defined as any relationship which brings out our highest potential. For me, that definition easily applies to the USA Fit training program and, it is my wish to  support the other runners in the program so they too, may experience that life changing moment of crossing a half marathon finish line for the first time.