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A special thank you to our sponsors who support USA FIT Albany throughout our training season.

Are you interested in partnering with USA FIT Albany? Do you have a unique service or product that will enhance our runner’s experience? If so, we offer two options to partner with USA FIT Albany that will provide your business excellent benefits.

Option 1 – Paid Sponsorship

Cost is $300.00 for the season. Goods in value of $300.00 will also apply.

Option 2 – Cross promotion sponsorship

For businesses with limited budgets or guidelines that do not allow paid sponsorships but have a good client and social media base, USA FIT Albany offers a second option. Businesses who cross promote USA FIT Albany through their social websites, newsletters and distributing USA FIT flyers will receive the same benefits as a paid sponsorship.

Benefits (either option)

  • Six months of advertising with USA FIT Albany.
  • $10 coupon code for your employees and clients
  • Your business logo on our team running shirts (those who select option 1 will receive a larger logo).
  • Your logo and advertising in our weekly newsletter, website and social media pages.
  • Multiple opportunities to conduct seminars or Q/A sessions at our weekly runs.
  • Your business information and flyers in our registration packets.

Be a part of USA FIT Albany today.

Contact Lois DeJohn at info@usafitalbany.com